Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Somethings and Nothings

I haven't written for almost a month and I'm kicking myself. I'm sure that I have some spectacular things to write about, right? Let's write a time line, grade school style.

*pulling down the calendar*

It's the closest thing I have to a daily diary, alright?

Chloe had her dance recital which I LOVED. Misty always does such a fantastic job, and I'm so glad that Chloe's class got the Daddy-Daughter Dance. It made me cry, because she is growing up so fast. I love seeing Todd being a dad. He is incredible.

Our friends Tim & Kelli's little ones had a birthday party and invited us to go. The kids ran and ran and ran, and Garrison threw fits, and then they opened gifts, ate some sugar, and said goodbye. It is always such a great time hanging out with them. Todd has known Tim and Kelli for YEARS and years. To be honest, I felt like a fifth wheel (or the fourth wheel on a tricycle, *awkward*) for a while BUT, they are awesome and I'm glad they put up with my teenage self for a while until some of their coolness rubbed off on me.

There were family pictures, the Easters, and hair cuts. Family Home Evenings at home, with friends, and with family. We fed missionaries. I made LOTS and LOTS of cupcakes for bridal showers, birthday parties, and end of year parties.

I was truly honored for the opportunity to go to the temple with one of my best friends, Lindsay's FOWKES now! Todd and I hadn't had the chance to go to the temple for far too long. What with babies, and nursing, and pregnant, and get the drift. It was SO wonderful to be there and be filled with the spirit. I had visions of the future of when I will be able to see my little sisters go through the temple and to be there with them as they are sealed to their eternal companions. *tear*

Then it was MY BIRTHDAY!!! Todd was awesome and brought home a cake. Because as much as I like to bake, it would be a total bummer to have to make your own birthday cake. Hannah and Zack came over and babysat so we could go take advantage of my free dinner at Joe's Farm Grill. We were able to talk about our future, and school, and what we'll do when we're rolling in the dough. (...not...) More like, what we'll save for once we're done paying off our student loans. (It's med school, as much as I would like to pay my way...I don't think that is possible.)

We TRIED to go bowling the Saturday after my birthday. I called to see if we could reserve a lane. They said that they don't reserve lanes and it's first come first served. SO, we get some family together, we grab my groupons, get all the kids presentable, pack up the diaper bag, and we go BOWLING! *sigh* If only it worked out that way. We get there and they say the whole place is rented out until 4pm. It was 11am. ELEVEN. A. M. I was irate. IRATE! Steam pouring from my ears, hair standing on end, whatever I looked at spontaneously combusted. It was pretty fantastic. I guess you had to be there.

So, as we are sitting outside the bowling alley trying to figure out what do do next, a sweet young man comes out and stands about five feet away from my beautiful pink lunged children and starts to light up an EFFING cigarette! Without hesitation I ask him...and I quote...*ahem*, "Are you really going to light up right next to all these kids?!" Pronounced with an incredulous tone, a pinch of irritation, and a whole heckuva lot of "the look". He flustered and said, "I wasn't paying attention, I just saw the cigarette thingy. ...I'll go down there..." He tucked his nicotine stained tail between his legs and slumped down to the corner of the building. Ironically enough, it was the best part of my day. He even walked around the whole building to go back in when he was done! HA!!!

Moving on.

I have been Second Counselor in the Primary Presidency for a month now. A whole month! I love it! I love the kids! I love sharing time! I am having a blast with it, and the rest of the sisters in the presidency are super cool. The day after the bowling shenanigans I taught my first sharing time. The kids were a little rowdy, but it was a lot of fun to get the kids excited about the gospel. Chloe was sick, so she missed her piano recital. She was really sad, but I just couldn't say yes even when she begged. Something about clutching a trash can like a life preserver...hmm...

I was able to go out to lunch with some of the awesomest girls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Jen, Kat, Connie and I went to CPK and talked about books, life, school, and kids. It is always such a breath of fresh air to get out and be with people that love you for who YOU are. Not because you are their mom, or wife, or sister. Not because you feed them, or wash their clothes, or help them with their homework. Just because you are who you are. I love them. They are full of awesome. Mwah.

Throw into appointments, speaking in Sacrament Meeting, Presidency Meetings, Scout Meetings, registering and enrolling in school, paperwork for grants, FAFSAs, watching my niece for a week, starting a carpool (YES!), and lots of poopy diapers and sleepless nights.

I wouldn't trade it for the world. The next four years are going to fly by. School is going to take up so much of my time, but I want to remember the things that happened AWAY from school. I don't want to miss my kids growing up. That is what scares me the most about this venture. BUT, I am the coolest mom around, and I can do it. The only reason the previous statement has any truth is because of my best friend and husband. I dig his farmer's tan.

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  1. You are the coolest mom. I still haven't figured out how to combine motherhood with regular bathing =)