Monday, April 11, 2011

This is How We Roll

What to say? What to say?
This behavior is a regular occurrence in our home. Me likey. Just as long as it doesn't involve me at the bottom of the pile. Isn't that a dad's job anyway? The mom gets to hold babies and watch and laugh at the dad while they get pummeled by little 30 and 40 pound crazies.

Two things about this picture bother me. First, how dang close this pile is to the littlest munchkin, and that DANG purple thing coming out of Garrison's mouth. I hate it! I'm seriously considering throwing them all out...I really should just get it over with. Like ripping off a band-aid, or jumping into the pool...or school.

School. Oh, school. I have put off saying much about my plans about returning to school because I was afraid I would jinx myself. It's kind of like when you tell people you're starting a diet, then two months later someone asks how your diet is going...while you are eating a nice big slice of pie. Yeah, just like that. So, here goes.

I have decided to try online college courses.


I'm actually not that scared. Which, in turn, kind of scares me. I was always a good student. I never needed to try very hard, and I always got good grades. I need to start over, because, let's face it, I haven't been in a traditional classroom for over eight years. But the WORK doesn't scare me at all. Plus, it'll be nice to have an excuse to lock my door and tune out the kids for a couple hours a week.

What I AM afraid of is that I won't finish. Just like the diet, you know it's good for you...but yeah, so what? I like to eat!

I want to have SOMETHING to do when all my kids are in school. Which, depending on if/when we have more kids, that could give me 5-10 years to go to school! How awesome would it be if I had my associates, bachelors, masters, doctorate, etc. etc. by the time all my kiddos were off at school?

Which brings us to, "What does Whitney want to be when her kids grow up?" (tee. hee.) Well, I think I want to be a Pediatrician. I'm sure that when I get up to attempting med school that I might down grade it to nursing, or PA. My reasoning is that I want to work with kids, and I want to be in the Health Care field. If I was to be a pediatric nurse, all I would be doing is weighing, measuring, and poking kids and making them cry. I just did that to day with Miss Laney, I couldn't IMAGINE doing it All. Day. Long.

(For record's sake, I will state here that she is 11lbs 12oz, and 25.5" tall. This puts her in the 12th percentile in weight and the 90th for height! Wha? Since when do I have skinny babies?)

But, the fact of the matter is that I haven't done research on the difference in schooling between Pediatrician and PAs. Or if I would want to specialize, or what the pay difference is, and what the cost of insurance is...yadda yadda. THIS is why I never really pursued this as a career fresh out of High School. There are too many decisions! I feel like now that I am a mother, and manage the home/bills/chores/schedules, that I am MUCH better suited for returning to school.

I feel like I actually appreciate the importance of schooling more NOW than I did before I had children. I feel like I can be such a good example for all my kiddos, present and future. Plus, as it stands, I'm pretty sure that I won't be able to help Chloe with her homework once she hits junior high.


  1. You'll do great! And what's nice about how you are doing it is that you can take your time to make all those crucial decisions along the way. You don't have to decide now whether to do nursing school or medical school...just take it one class at a time and see what your circumstances are at the time you really do need to make the decision. A lot will play into that. But, I have to tell you that my aunt (mother of 7!) finished medical school about a year ago and is in the middle of residency right now. She's in her 50's! So, ANYTHING is possible! Good luck!

  2. As far as when Chloe's in junior high, that's when you call her aunt Christi ;) You'll do great Whitney. All the time we hear how important it is to get an education and it's members of my family that realize how important it is for their children to go to college because they didn't go themselves. You'll have so many doors open to you and seriously what a good example you're setting for your kids! Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  3. I will keep this short and sweet...Your kids are so cute. School is great. You will be amazing whatever you decide to do. The end!